What I learned as a freelance

Bieonica J Parsons

Here’s to a new start

So I have had this blog for awhile but have not posted on it in years. It started as just my photography blog. Since then I have went through some things and things have changed a lot. I have graduated college since then with a photojournalism minor so I have been looking for mass media jobs. I currently work for my hometown newspaper as a freelance but would really like to do more than just that.

This blog is going to be mostly dedicated to what I learned as a freelance. I feel like this will be something interesting for people to read as it will be a lot of useful information as well as my sassy ideas and feelings about things. Although if you easily become offended then maybe you shouldn’t read some of them. But I will try to not piss anyone off, of course.

Anyways, here’s to a new blog and new posts. Hopefully something people will want to read and look at!



Morning dewy dasies

Tiger lily


Day lit daisy

Kitten Pabu

Simba and the cat

This is my wolf hybrid Simba and one of the cats.


Pool water

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